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Terms & Conditions


We/us: Morpeth Limousines, Operator, Chauffeurs, Drivers HC car plates.

You: the individual/s or company making a reservation, and/or any person or persons, representative or guest thereof.

  • A deposit is required to secure your booking. The deposit is non–refundable or transferable..
  • Full payment is required 7 days prior to booking date. Payment will not be accepted on the desired day unless otherwise arranged by the customer and MORPETH LIMOUSINES.
  • MORPETH LIMOUSINES accepts credit card payments or direct deposit into Newcastle Permanent BSB: 650-000 Account no.: 713746603. Please use your name and date of your event as a reference.
  • MORPETH LIMOUSINES does not allow alcohol consumption by any persons under 18 years of age in any vehicle.
  • MORPETH LIMOUSINES reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is intoxicated or display unruly behaviour and the driver has the right to terminate and cancel job at hand without a refund.
  • MORPETH LIMOUSINES reserves the right to demand full compensation for payment of $250 cleaning fee due to spillages or vomiting caused by passengers or hiring parties travelling in MORPETH LIMOUSINES or subcontract vehicles.
  • No food is to be consumed inside vehicles whilst en route to destination.
  • No smoking or any form of contraband permitted in any MORPETH LIMOUSINES vehicle.
  • MORPETH LIMOUSINES reserves the right to not enter any street, gravel road, alley way or private property which may cause damage to the vehicle. It is up to the discretion of the MORPETH LIMOUSINES driver as to which road the vehicle may travel.

Wedding hire:

  • Conditions on Deposit Paid
  • Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to wedding in writing, by email, otherwise the balance of the total hire for the job will be required to be paid in full.
  • It should be noted that $500 cancellation fee will apply once a Wedding has been booked with us.

Waiting time/Overtime:

Whilst we will accommodate passengers during their travel, overtime and waiting time may be charged $50 stretch Limousines and $15 Sedan in every 15 minute increments should the booking go past the finish time of the said booking, delays at airports incurring waiting time, domestic 30 mins complimentary waiting time, International 45mins complimentary wait time. Overtime charges are to be paid direct to the Driver at end of travel in cash.

MORPETH LIMOUSINES will endeavour to get you to your destination safely, comfortably and on time, however mishaps/accidents/traffic delays etc do happen and allowances must be made for traffic hold-ups, weather, illness or vehicle breakdowns, etc.

We cannot be held liable for those circumstances which are beyond our control. Should there be a mishap or vehicle breakdown, another vehicle form will be dispatched to complete your function. Note that our Terms & Conditions also cover subcontract cars and Drivers brought in, in an emergency. No refund will be forthcoming unless MORPETH LIMOUSINES is unable to solve the situation or problem at hand.


Our Insurance Policy covers all authorized persons travelling in the vehicle en route to their destination.

Unless chauffeur assisted, passengers assume personal liability when entering and exiting the vehicles.

We reserve the right to demand full compensation for payment of any damage caused by passengers or hiring parties travelling in MORPETH LIMOUSINES or subcontract vehicles.


Seat belts are fitted to all vehicles and under current legislation must be applied and fitted by each person travelling, unless otherwise authorized.

Children and infants travelling in vehicle must adhere to normal child safety restraint rulings as per current R.T.A. guidelines.


I give permission for any images/photographs taken at any event to be used by MORPETH LIMOUSINES for promotional or marketing purposes.

Note: Due to the length of the new stretch limousine, access into some suburban streets may be restricted, and pickup/drop offs at front door may not be achievable.


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